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Interviewed! + A Note About Publicity


Last weekend I was interviewed by Marian of the Wellywood Woman blog about my experience at Cannes and other film-related topics.  The podcast is posted here.  If I remember correctly, we originally connected about a year ago via Twitter.  Yes, Twitter works!  

(Yep, that’s me.  I can think of ten thousand reasons why I don’t want to post this, or self-promote, or do publicity…)

If you’re a filmmaker and you haven’t jumped onto Twitter, I might suggest you rethink that plan.  I know some people like the idea of playing the aloof filmmaker type, but that rarely serves a new filmmaker well.  Unless, you’re making Sundance and Cannes hits right out of the gate, not many people will care to pay attention to you without a little nudge from you.  So, do this one fun little self-promotional tactic, and get yourself an account.  (Yes, I said fun.  Twitter can be fun!)  I suggest you choose a Twitter handle that is close to your name— you’re building your brand, afterall.  I know, it’s a little  gross to think of yourself as a brand, but…you kinda are. 

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